Erin McCarthy is a fine art and abstract photographer based in Chicago, IL. Erin has spent a lifetime cultivating her craft and is happy to be expressing her creativity through photographic imagery.


I am inspired by color, pattern and nature. I strive to create work that is aesthetically pleasing but that explores a collision between the natural and digital world. In my abstract work, I create tension by my choice of subjects and treatment of the imagery. Through my work I am in a sense exploring my own inner struggle with the intersection of nature, urban life and technology.

All prints are sold in limited editions of 10 and are signed and numbered by Erin. Please email to inquire about pricing or to purchase. Extra large and custom sizes available.

Erin has been hard at work creating a line of textiles and wallpaper based on her photography. Stay tuned for the launch of a separate website dedicated to these items and more for the home. Custom orders available now. Please email Erin at